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That is, listen to the Sandisk built-in music TF card will b
release time:2020-04-16 15:34

Recently, Sandisk began to ship the slotMusic flash card with built-in music, and the product released also includes music player Sansa that can support SanDisk slotMusic flash card specially.

The flash card factory has been built with the latest pop music album, the user can be directly inserted into the flash card to support the function of the mobile phone or MP3 music player, the latest pop music can be played 320Kbps, and does not require a password and digital rights management agreement to allow the use of certificate Download etc..

Sandisk has now sold EMI music, SONY BMG, Universal Music Group and Warner Music Group to the latest music recordings of these music distribution companies in the Warner flash cards of the Warner. It is reported that the Sandisk slotMusic flash card is priced at $14.99, and is equipped with a super thin USB adapter that will be sold first in the world's famous supermarket.


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