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The first section supports the M2 full - line reader Cenda C
release time:2020-04-16 15:38

Reading card reader from the interface mainly include: parallel card reader, serial reader, USB reader, PCMICA card reader and IEEE1394 card reader. The first two kinds of card reader are basically eliminated because of the slow speed of the interface or inconvenient installation. USB card reader is the most popular card reader in the market. PCMICA card reader is mostly applied to laptop computers, and the IEEE1394 card reader interface is not popular because its interface is not popular. What I want to recommend to you today is a very personalized mini card reader -- Cenda C301, which is a card reader that supports all SONY camera memory cards, especially M2. It is a product that specializes in SONY, a specific user group.

C301 is a mini type Cenda's more personality card reader, the characteristics of this product is that it can directly read SONY PRO and PRO DUE memory stick memory stick, compatible with a plurality of slots, the most prominent feature is the ability to directly support the SONY M2 card, can fully support the full range of SONY memory card. Since then, C301 has covered all the storage media used by SONY digital cameras. Your memory stick doesn't need to be read directly with the adapter. This should be very convenient for users who use SONY digital cameras, especially users who use SONY M2. It can be said that Cenda C301 is a more practical and convenient card reader.

Cenda C301 uses a compact fuselage design with a size of 69 X 20 X 9 mm, like a small, delicate U disk. The fuselage as a whole is made of an ivory shell, and we can clearly see its functional marks on the positive part, such as supporting MS/M2 and USB2.0mini. At the same time, in the front part of the fuselage, the LED indicator is also configured to facilitate the user to see the work of the card reader directly. The expansion slot is designed on the side of the fuselage, so that the user can easily insert the memory card.

From the above point of view, Cenda C301 supports SONY full range memory card, which can directly read SONY M2 memory stick and SONY PRO, SONY MS PRO DUO, covering all storage media used by SONY digital camera. It uses a high speed USB2.0 transmission interface, which can reach a maximum rate of 480Mb.

Efficient and stable transmission rate plus portable body design, but also has the support of SONY's full range memory card reading function, especially for SONY's M2. These good performances make C301 perform well.

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